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Our testing methodology

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We believe that every product can work for someone but not for everyone, Our goals in our testing is to find the limits and safe usability for each product we test. Because each person's incontinence is different we try to find a good average on how a product could perform, however individual results will vary from person to person.

We start our testing with Normal flow rates 18-20ml/s of a healthy well-hydrated adult in capacities of 200ml for light or moderate incontinence products and 400ml per void for products designed for heavier incontinence. We chose these capacities to test because for the average adult the bladder begins to send signals to the brain with the urge to urinate at 150ml to 250ml and the average void is 350ml to 450ml.

If a product is marketed as Night-Time, Over-night or is of a design many may consider to use for Night-Time or Over-night use we test the product in our Lying down, Belly sleeper and Side sleeper test positions.

Because the majority of people with incontinence issues have reduced bladder flow rates due to age, health issues or types of incontinence (stress, Overflow) we also test the products with a slow drip test to simulate how the product can perform over an extended time. Again if the product is marketed as Night-time or Over-night use we will test the product in our sleeping position tests with a slow drip.

To get as accurate results as possible we repeat each of these tests until we get a consistent average of results, usually we can get a good average within three to five tests, but if we do not see a clear average we will test and double check for issues.

On average each product is tested with the following tests.

Normal flow rates (18-20 ml/sec)

200ml standing (For Moderate to Light incontinence products)

400ml Standing (for Heavy Incontinence for heavy Incontinence)

400ml lying down

400ml belly sleeper

400ml Side Sleeper

Slow drip

800 or 1,000ml standing (depending on manufacturers claims)

800 or 1,000ml lying down

800 or 1,000ml belly Sleeper

Press-out test

to determine if a product may leak with changes of positions and weight bearing.

Dry Pad test

to determine how well the product keeps the skin dry.

sometimes during testing we find issues and additional testing is done to find the issue or benefit.

Additional testing when an Issue presented during testing

on average we will have nearly 30-50 hours of test footage for each In-depth review video we create.

If you have any questions comments on our methodology or testing please leave comment or email us!

Thank you!

Adult diaper testing
Testing an Adult Brief (diaper)

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May 07, 2019

Thank you for the feedback! as the male anatomy varies greatly from male to male as well as tends to move often, we can not test every possibility instead our test stand-in are set to cover as many people as possible both male and female, For males the best tactic is to try to keep the penis pointing down to get the best results of course that is not always possible, No disposable product we have seen is amazing at protecting side sleepers and leaks even under the best situations leaks do sometimes happen,


Your tests certainly seem thorough and well thought out, but an issue I personally have as a male, is leakage either from the top of the slip or sides. This is most prevalent when laid down either on my front or back.

The leakage either occurs from the front, top of the slip (laid on stomach) or sides of slip (laid on back or in particular on my side). I am far more likely to experience leaks when my penis is over to one side or pointing upwards. I rarely have problems if it is pointing downward.

when testing slips, is this something you take into account?

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