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Attends® Premier Brief In Depth Review #adultdiaper

Attends® Premier Brief In Depth Review #adultdiaper

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The Attends Premier range of products was designed to help you or those you care for manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence.  

Because Attends uses some of the softest and most absorbent materials available, Attends Premier will help you feel confident that you or your loved ones are protected during the day or night.  The high-rise, full-fit protection and ultra-plush design results in a product that fits comfortably in all the right areas.

So go on the trip, walk on the beach, Have dinner with your friends and family, don’t let leaks stop you from being with the ones you love.  Trust in Attends Premier to protect you during the moments that matter most.


A notable feature, one of the best inner core top/ sheet combinations we found for keeping the skin dry!

Features Include:

• Premium Overnight Protection.

• 100% breathability helps improve comfort and helps promote healthy skin.

• Our most absorbent brief ever, locks liquid away faster.

• Leak protection for confident days and dignified nights.

• High Rise, Full-Fit Protection.

• Ultra-Plush Design.

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