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Dry Care®  ConfiDry™  24/7 Adult Diaper  IN-Depth Review #incontinence #adultdiaper

Dry Care® ConfiDry™ 24/7 Adult Diaper IN-Depth Review #incontinence #adultdiaper

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ConfiDry 24/7 is one of the Orginal Premium adult diapers designed to inspire confidence with maximum protection for both overnight and active daytime use. Stand-up leak guards extend all the way to the waist while waistband elastics in the front and back promote an optimal fit. A strong plastic backing secures both wetness and odor. Wide tape tabs with adhesive allow for secure refastening. The briefs feature wide coverage and are latex-free.


  Product is made in the USA!


Features Include:

Overnight Absorbency:
Maximum absorbency brief designed for extended wear so it will keep you dry all day or all night.

Wide Coverage:
Extra-wide protection in front and rear along with thick padding for secure protection.

Stand-Up Leak Guards:
Leak guards that extend the full length of the brief to prevent side leaks and contain bowel incontinence.

Plastic Backing:
Smooth, white plastic exterior provides maximum waterproof and anti-odor protection.

Waist Gathers:
Elastic waist gathers in the front and back promote a waist hugging fit.

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