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We are committed to creating the most accurate and helpful videos to assist people living with Incontinence to find products and solutions to help them live an active, healthy happy life while living with the symptoms of incontinence!


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We are not funded by corporate sponsors or add revenue while there are several avenues we are pursuing to help continue to fund this project, this project is solely funded by our Founder and our wonderful Partners on Patreon!  



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#3 Joining our Patreon provides us with funding to help purchase products to test and help pay for the production equipment, utilities and every other

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Sponsors will get a personalized Credit in our next video!


We use 30-50 products for each review on average.


sponsor level 1 - $5.00 USD

covers 2-5 products for testing (on average)


Sponsor level 2 -$10.00 USD

covers 5-10 products for testing (on average)


Sponsor level 3 -#25.00 USD

covers one package of product (on average)

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