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Beyond Xp5000 Updated Review   #adultdiaper

Beyond Xp5000 Updated Review #adultdiaper

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The Beyond XP5000 is a high quality brief perfect for those looking for peace of mind and overnight protection from moderate to heavy urinary or light bowel incontinence. The Beyond adult diapers allow the wearer to stay dry discretely, using a super absorbent material that minimizes bulging and while maximizing effectiveness. The combination of best-in-class leg cuffs, waist band, and plastic backing blocks leaks completely. Thanks to the reusable hook and loop tabs, both the wearer or caregiver can easily remove or put on the diaper. The wetness indictor also allows for ease of use at it clearly displays when the brief needs to be changed. While the diaper is designed for overnight use, this product is also a great option for those experiencing daytime incontinence that’s difficult to manage. This adult brief is designed for men and women experiencing fecal incontinence or urine incontinence with up to six full bladder losses, providing confidence for overnight use. XP5000 comes in 3 sizes, including larger sizes for those needing plus size adult diapers.

Notes: This product runs smaller than other brands. 

this is a LOW Rise brief. 


Features Include:

Plastic Backing:

 White plastic backing with ahook and loop landing zone/connection system provides excellent leakage and odor protection.  It has a standard wetness indicator.

Extra Thick Padding:

Highly absorbent, extra wide core.

Tall Leak Guards:

Leak guards r to provide both bladder and bowel protection.


Elastic in Front and Rear:
Elastic waistbands provide a comfortable, snug fit against the body.


Tape Tabs:
Refastenable  Strong Velcro tape / tabs for easy grip and adjustments.

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