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Items that can help you through the day. Suggested by our  Real-World Tester!


Our Real-World Tester never leaves home without wearing his PUL covers!   They help prevent leaks,  help contain odors and quiet unwanted "crinkle" sounds from plastic backed briefs.

Another thing our  Real- World tester never leaves home without wearing is his Bodysuit or Onesie!   These help keep the incontinence products from sagging excessively and guarantees that your incontinence products will never give you away if you bend down to pick something on the floor! Also if the wearer has an issue of removing clothing and incontinence products these will also help prevent that.

Odor is one of the hardest things to control when living with incontinence especially when dealing with bowel control issues!

However, if your doctor says it is ok these Items work very well for our Real-World tester at making foul odors mild! and only takes a few days to work!

​Make Sure to speak with your doctor before taking any supplements!

Clean up is a constant thing when living with incontinence having easily concealable items to aid in the clean up that can be stored in your pocket or purse fantastic!

Our Real- World tester always has these handy!

For loved ones that are bedridden and need assistance with pad/brief changes or are unable to adjust their position to prevent bed sores, these incontinence pads are designed to keep the bed dry and help you re-position your loved one.

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