Change a Brief While Standing, The Easy Way!

There are many ways to place a tab style brief but personally, I prefer to use the wall method when changing, as it acts as a third hand and allows me to get a good custom fit,

Step 1

The first thing to do when doing a product change is to first "activate" the standing leak guards and “fluff” the product. This has shown in testing to allow the product to absorb fluid faster.

Step 2

Next, center the product evenly behind your back and rest against the wall, this will hold the brief in place freeing up both of your hands to get good tape placement.

Step 3

Pull the brief up through the crotch making sure the standing-leak guards are properly standing up.

Step 4

Tape the bottom tapes depending on your body shape the tapes should (for Most People) either be straight or have a slight angle upward.

Using an upward angle on the bottom tapes may help pull the lower portion of the brief up to help prevent leaks,

If you find that you are leaking in the lower front of the brief you may want to try using a slightly downward angle on the lower tapes.

For me and the product shown, the lower tapes are best used straight.

Step 5

Now is a good chance to adjust the brief and make sure it is centered usually a gently pull up to get a good lower seal.

Step 6

Now that the brief is centered it time to secure the top tapes, depending on your body shape the tapes can either be straight or more likely using a downward angle.

The downward angle will help provide a good fit on the upper waist,